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Each day, your company may be faced with the challenge of transporting life-saving pharmaceuticals or consumables from regional hospitals.
The process of delivering these products must be accurate, controlled and fast. Delays in delivery can have dire consequences for patients in need.

Parsec Logistics is [ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007] certified, the highest quality standards in the industry. They guarantee that your medical supplies arrive in a timely manner, with all safety procedures in place, at the correct temperature and location.
We can also help you to refill your dry ice shipment
Dry ice is a liquid carbon dioxide that is compressed under high pressure. This creates the solid form, also called dry ice. A white, very cold carbon dioxide snow is formed, which is pressed into nuggets under high pressure. We speak of dry ice because it passes directly from the solid phase into the gas phase. The gas that is formed is the same gas as the carbon dioxide in cola, for example. Dry ice has a temperature of -79 degrees Celsius. Above this temperature, it sublimes. Because of this low temperature, it is used in many ways.

In the food industry, the medical world and in the pharmaceutical industry, dry ice is used to freeze or keep at temperature food, organs and medicines, among other things.
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  • White-Glove Logistics
    We understand that your most sensitive deliveries require a little something more.
  • Total Quality 
    Our reliable, discreet and highly experienced staff guarantees the quality you can expect from us.
  • On-time delivery
    We provide businesses with cost-effective ways to build customer loyalty with on-time delivery.
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